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washi-tape Menhera


  • Image of washi-tape Menhera
  • Image of washi-tape Menhera
  • Image of washi-tape Menhera

Washitape con ilustración de Menhera/Enfermera. 1,5 cm grosor.

Whasitape wth Menhera/ nurse illustration. 1,5 cm width.

The small items shipping are without track & trace service, if you want it with track and trace you can add the option in the section track and trace. It will increase the shipping cost.

El coste del envío de los articulos pequeños es sin certificar, si quieres el envío certificado (track and trace) puedes añadir la opcion en la seccion add track and trace, se incrementaría el coste del envío.

Image of washi-tape maneki neko
washi-tape maneki neko
Image of Maneki cat memo pad
Maneki cat memo pad
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